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    I’m looking at using Inbound now and especially interested in the Automated Marketing. From what I see with the initial plugin install there are 3 components.

    Leads, Landing Pages, Calls to Action.
    also, looks like inbound Forms.
    I’m confused though where the marketing automation would work and what triggers can be set and then it looks like we would have to purchase sparkpost too for email marketing automation.

    Also, I see your plugin installs at least 3 tables and one of them looks like its recording all pageviews here. wp_inbound_page_views
    Does this impact performance/load at all having this on your local wordpress database especially if you are getting 50,000 visits per day and then this would be 30x that within a month.


    Hudson Atwell

    Hi good questions.

    SparkPost until recently provided 100,000 free emails but now they’ve dialed it back to 15,000.

    Marketing automation for Inbound Now, for the most part means the ability to setup followup email series, powered by WordPress + SparkPost.

    The tables actually will prove performance over using WordPress tables, but the inbound_events table will eat up HD memory.

    I would not recommend running Inbound Now on a high traffic site unless you planned to avoid split testing CTAs and lead page view tracking. Both of these make use of front end wp-ajax calls that will be uncached and will eventually bog down the system if it’s not equipped to handle a lot of uncached calls.

    Hope this helps you and any others considering the capabilities of Inbound Now. If you can afford it, offloading all the responsibilities of lead tracking / automated marketing is the way to go. If you’ve a small project and want something that will help bring a good bit of those powers in house then the Inbound Pro framework is a pretty good deal.

    Kind regards,
    Hudson Atwell

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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