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    When a Lead is added manually page views don’t seem to be tracked.

    I understand that when a manual Lead is added, there’s no tie between the lead and their cookie (if there is one).

    Is there any way attach that manual Lead to a cookie?

    I was thinking that if I sent the lead a “Direct Email” through Inbound Now with a link and they click the link, that click would reference the Lead and start tracking page views, but after testing it does not seem to function this way.

    Do the email links have a nonce or user id attached to them? If so, can’t the user be referenced when manually added to the mailing list so they can be tracked on the webpage?

    Lately, I have been attending a lot of in-person networking groups, and I’d like to add the people I meet as Leads and get them into some marketing automation sequences.

    Thanks for the great plugin!


    Hudson Atwell

    Heya Travis,

    I believe I wrote something in for this awhile back so I’m surprised it’s not working. I marked it down to investigate, run some tests, and write in a fix. Will probably get to it tomorrow or Monday and update you with my findings.

    Thanks for the report and request!

    Kind regards,
    Hudson Atwell


    Hudson Atwell

    Heya just an update.

    I did find the code I wrote in earlier to handle “re-upping” tracking from an email click and found it here:


    From what I can tell, if you’re browser already had a lead id cookied in the browser then the lead cookie would not update and the tracking would be attributed to your currently cookied lead profile rather than the new oncoming one.

    Could that be the case with the tests? I might could drop out that protection and just have it overwrite. I don’t see how it serves anything not switching lead profiles during an administrative test.

    Looking forward to your feedback,



    Thanks, Hudson.

    I’m not going to pretend like I understand everything beyond a conceptual level 🙂

    This is what I’ve done:

    1 – I use Chrome regularly, so I opened Firefox and cleared all site data to use as if I am the new lead. Screenshot – https://i.imgur.com/vHT8k7K.png
    2 – I created a Lead in the dashboard of Inbound Now
    3 – I sent an email to the new lead, with a linked URL to the website homepage. Screenshot – https://i.imgur.com/zncWIVk.png
    4 – In the email, the URL is not linked. Screenshot – https://i.imgur.com/RAli1o4.png

    I have also attached the content of the raw URL in a private reply


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    Hudson Atwell

    Very cool. Thank you for the update I’ll take a look and get back.


    Hudson Atwell

    I made good progress with this today. If you want to check out the changes ahead of the next release you could download and install my developer branch:


    I’m also experimenting with opening up direct emails into the Admin UI:




    I will wait for the next release to check it out 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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