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    Howdy Hudson!

    I am ready to jump in. I have been around the block with you for several years. I have almost 25 WordPress websites.

    I got seriously confused. There is no global setting for Mailchimp API setting, and I have been using a plugin rather than an extension. What’s going on with the documentation?

    I have a couple questions about ‘Email Integration for Mailchimp.’ I understand the annual Unlimited Domain License – $169.00.

    1) Do I pick one of the WordPress websites to purchase? (It would be much easier to keep track of the annual billing from one WordPress website)
    2) How do I add each WordPress website?

    Thank you for your quick responses.

    Miguel Hidalgo


    Hudson Atwell


    The Inbound Now outfit does have a handful confusing aspects. It needs to be remodeled but it has a very internal large asset base and overtime the documentation ages and becomes imperfect. I took a loot and it is pretty confusing because of the differences between the stand alone plugins and the Inbound Pro plugin.

    Next iteration of this business-service model will be better but it will take awhile to get it built and a little time before I can start. Low resources.

    ‘Global Settings’ is now ‘wp-admin->Leads->Settings.

    You can use this plugin to send basic profile data to MailChimp so MailChimp can handle autoresponders and newsletter.

    The MailChimp API setup should be located in Leads->Settings->Extensions.

    Kind regards,
    Hudson Atwell

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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