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    Currently using your landing page plugin. I have no issue with switching to the paid plan but have a couple of questions regarding tracking of leads. Our main site is buyingnorcal.com and this is the way our funnel flows.

    Landing Pages are hosed on a subdomain yourhome.buyingnorcal.com, once the user submits there info they are redirected to home listings that are located at buyingnorcal.com

    Does your platform have the ability to track what pages are viewed after they have submitted there info. And that customer flow would be in there profile page?


    Hudson Atwell

    Hi thank you for asking. It’s possible to have Leads on two different WordPress instances, and send lead data from one to the other through the use of our Zapier Extension and the Zapier service. But we can’t track page/funnel progression across different WordPress instances.

    So in recap, we can send leads to a main domain, but that lead data won’t contain page tracking data related to the subdomain.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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