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    hi, i have just created the landing page below


    when i click on it, it just shows the food image from the Gourmet template.

    if i then refresh the page my version does appear – but obviously i can’t have that happen on a marketing landing page as everyone will bounce off the page in seconds.

    please help, i cannot see where to fix this.

    Also, the whole template i had created disappeared at the end of last week. i had to create it all again, even restoring a previous version didn’t work – could this be a problem with your software or was it something else?


    Hudson Atwell

    Yeah that is weird I’ve never seen that happen before. Will you check for the theme/plugin conflict and make sure you are running the latest version Inbound Pro? We did launch an updated version of ACF5 a few days ago and had to roll back. But noone reported this kind of problem

    If a theme/plugin conflict test does not work I’ll be happy to debug onsite:

    To test for a theme conflict:

    1. Activate default Twenty Ten, Eleven, Twelve, or Thirteen theme
    2. Check to see if the issue still occurs
    3. If the issue does not occur after having activated the default “Twenty” theme, your theme is causing a conflict with the Inbound Now Plugin we are testing.

    To test for a plugin conflict:

    1. Deactivate ALL plugins
    2. Activate Inbound Now Plugin we are testing.
    3. Check to see if the issue occurs

    If the issue does not occur, one (or more) of your plugins is causing a conflict with the Inbound Now Plugin of topic.

    To determine which plugin(s) is causing the conflict, follow these steps:

    1. Activate each plugin one by one
    2. Check to see if the issue occurs after each plugin is activated



    i seem to have made some progress with the plugins but now it shows every other time..

    its the B version that I haven’t touched that shows.. i know I can stop the A/B showing but i want to be able to DELETE a version as well.

    i see in a previous post that you point to a cog on the right side but I’m using the free version with a paid template and this just doesn’t show up..

    please advise





    i have switched A/b Testing OFF in the settings.

    yet it still continues to show the B version every other time.. please help me switch it off & also tell me how to delete a version as i cannot do anything with this landing page whilst the B version shows.




    now i am seriously ANGRY..

    The information in the landing page has disappeared AGAIN. this is the second time i have had to input the information and it has disappeared again.

    Please reply ASAP & i will give you access to the site to recover the information. i have tried to recover it from a previous version and it doesn’t work.

    if I can’t get this fixed within 24 hours I will need a full refund of all the licences I have bought and will go else-where


    Dr Potts



    yes I have activated 2013 theme – NO conflict

    I have deactivated all plugins expect inboundNOW – NO conflicts

    the information is still gone & the A/B versions STILL show up – even though i have switched off the A/B Testing

    I have tried to update the plugin but an error occurs.

    im not sure what if going on with the software.

    please help; our marketing is completely on hold because of this!


    Hudson Atwell

    Hi Matt,

    I’m really sorry for the delay in reply, my email stopped reporting new ticket updates two days ago and I just found out. Seems I had this website hooked into an email account that was being throttled (too many sends a day).

    Please see the link below for onsite support. I’ll see what I can find out.


    Hudson Atwell
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