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    I selected “landing page” for my home page via the way you outlined above, but it makes the homepage a bunch of random text and not my landing pages page I have made.

    What am I doing wrong?



    Hudson Atwell


    Welcome to the support forums,

    At first it sounds like a theme or plugin conflict.

    To verify or eliminate this as a possibility please run through this guide below:

    To test for a theme conflict:

    1. Activate default Twenty Ten, Eleven, Twelve, or Thirteen theme
    2. Check to see if the issue still occurs
    3. If the issue does not occur after having activated the default “Twenty” theme, your theme is causing a conflict with the Inbound Now Plugin we are testing.

    To test for a plugin conflict:

    1. Deactivate ALL plugins
    2. Activate Inbound Now Plugin we are testing.
    3. Check to see if the issue occurs

    If the issue does not occur, one (or more) of your plugins is causing a conflict with the Inbound Now Plugin of topic.

    To determine which plugin(s) is causing the conflict, follow these steps:

    1. Activate each plugin one by one
    2. Check to see if the issue occurs after each plugin is activated


    Thanks Hudson,

    I have done all the steps you have listed and still no change.

    In my wordpress “pages” tab i have a page labeled “Landing Page” that has the random text on it. Does the InboundNow plugin make this page on its own and enter the text?

    Is there a tutorial out there I can follow, I may have messed some steps up at some point. I have a working link to a landing page though, just can’t make it my hompage.





    any update?

    thanks for the assistance


    Hudson Atwell

    Sincere apologies for dropping the ball on this.

    If you’ve a WordPress page with the title ‘Landing Page’ in your pages screen then it does not belong to Landing Pages plugin. There are no processes to create pages in the pages screen so it couldn’t be.

    Will you link to the landing page you created for review?

    Here’s our current documentation on how to setup a landing page as a homepage:

    Warm regards,
    Hudson Atwell



    Is this service for the paid plugin only? I have the free version so that could be the issue


    Hudson Atwell

    Hi Wes,

    Yes, the landing page as a homepage plugin is a paid extension. It’s helped fund development and customer support.

    It does have to be installed to set the landing page as a homepage or a splash page. It can be picked up in the link above.

    Kind regards,
    Hudson Atwell

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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