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    Hi – HELP! We’re new Inbound Now users who are ripping our hair out after trying to find what is hopefully a simple answer!
    We just upgraded and hit a huge roadblock. Desperate to share landing page data with GoToWebinar.

    I created a GTW API key. Watched your video about how to set it up in Inbound Now on WP, but don’t see the windows + entry fields in ANY SETTINGS area on our WP site. (See images attached — of the video images that indicate TABS that should appear at the top of our SETTINGS page, but the UI looks totally different (no tabs and no GTW listed anywhere at the top of any settings pages — and no API key data field in any settings pages — under Inbound Pro “extensions” or Landing Pages “extensions”

    If I can’t enter a GTW API key, then the landing pages won’t display the data field that lets me enter an individual webinar key…so I’m stuck.

    Have you ever seen this behavior before? How can we resolve this?

    Note: This is installed on a live production site, so I don’t have the luxury of turning off ALL plug-ins except yours — that would devastate our business. If this is a KNOWN conflict with other plugins, please let us know.

    Examples of webinar landing pages we’ve already set up in Inbound Pro — they seem to work beautifully (form/confirm) — only the GTW integration is missing. SO SAD!


    Sure hope we can isolate and RESOLVE this quickly.
    Thanks in advance!
    Kathleen Kruse



    It seems my screenshots uploaded in my original post did not “stick.” Trying again, so you can see what I’m describing.

    Hope this helps!

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    Hudson Atwell

    Hi KK very good eye and sorry for the troubles. Seems a bug crept in this last Inbound Pro version that caused extensions not to load. If you download the latest version I am publishing now then your settings area should appear in Inbound Pro -> Settings -> Extension Settings.

    Will you please confirm that the extensions assets appear after updating?



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    Thanks so much Hudson for your rapid response! Yesterday, I updated the plug-in and made the connection with GTW…and BOOM! The integration works like a charm with our landing pages.


    Looking forward to learning more about how to make the most of your toolset. Thanks again!



    Hudson Atwell

    🙂 Very cool KK thank you for the update.

    Glad everything is going well now. Please let me know if you run into a bug ever again.

    Kind regards,

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