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    1.) Is there a way to make the Leads section responsive/mobile-friendly? Like using the Bootstrap’s rows and columns instead of using tables? Is this a file I can rewrite or play around with? Viewing leads from a phone looks really bad right now, and most people viewing leads will not be at their desktop, they will be mobile….

    2.) Is there a way to get the leads into a dashboard widget on the default dashboard page? And then when clicking on an individual lead and then going back, defaults back to the default dashboard and not the /wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=wp-lead area

    3.) Another feature request: How hard would it be to link your plugin to Tawk.to’s API. It’s a chat plugin..


    Hudson Atwell

    Hey Shane awesome questions. Inbound Pro is open source so if you wanted to make changes and make pull request you be… the first person to do it.

    Here’s are the files controlling the lead profile styling:

    And here’s our guide on contributing code:

    And I’ve created a development issue here if you’d like to use it for correspondence for any reason:

    I’m not sure. Right now due to limited resources everything is hard right now. I rarely get dev hours in bc of management tasks and I still can’t afford to have Inbound Now pay myself a livable wage. I’ll add it to the dev list though.

    About #2, I don’t think I have a clear understanding. Will you explain some more?



    I think you showed me the file for the individual lead page. I was talking about making the Lead List page (the first page that shows all the leads). It’s currently using <table>s and am trying to edit that page if possible. which file is that?

    2.) basically, I was hoping to put the section of Leads that displays them in a list, like the file I mentioned above, in the dashboard. Trying to get it so that users are restricted to solely working from the dashboard.

    3.) How much would it cost/hours to integrate tawk.to’s API chat plugin into the leads section?

    4.) This is new. I just updated Inbound Pro in the backend, and now every time I click on the plugins section, it redirects me to the Inbound Now Welcome screen. Even if I type in the address bar wp-admin/plugins.php it takes me to wp-admin/admin.php?page=inbound-pro&tab=inbound-pro-welcome


    Hudson Atwell

    1) Oh that page’s element are setup here:


    and here:

    2) We do have this widget:

    A new widget could be built in the same spirit to do what you’re wanting to do. There would be a good amount of legwork implementing the AJAX pagination system.

    3) For custom work we can work through Codeable. Just create the specs and add me as the preferred developer and I can get a quote in, if not then the project will open to other developers to add their estimates after a couple of days.

    4. I’ve seen that error message before and it’s strange. I thought I had permanently booted it out. It should go away after 30 seconds or so or after a cache clear.



    ok ill get something typed up and get it posted

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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