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    Is there a way of creating a CTA that only appears once during a user session although the CTA is linked to multiple pages.

    For instance, we have multiple product pages and would like to create a very simple CTA using the InboundNow form functionality to capture an email address. ie:

    Pop-up CTA that says:

    Want to know more?
    Simply enter your email address to receive up to date information and promotions on our range of products.
    Your email address:
    Sign me up!

    I only want this to appear the first time they click on a product page and not everytime they click on any product page during the current website session.


    Hudson Atwell


    You may could achieve this by using our Global Placements extension. Popups shouldn’t popup after the first presentation:

    Alternatively you could use a separate popup plugin and embed a CTA into it. This article talks about a popup plugin that works well with Calls To Action:

    Kind regards,
    Hudson Atwell

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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