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    I saw this post in support forums about auto lead verification/suppressing https://support.inboundnow.com/support/reply/126252/ in which it was stated that an Automatic Lead Scrubber extension was being considered back in Jan 2017.

    The poster is correct that proper flow should go from landing page, into inbound WP, then it should be scrubbed against our on suppression list (Duplicates, Bad domains, bad extensions, bad ip, unsubscribes, invalid entries, bad email addresses, etc, etc. ) then the lead needs to be posted to a 3rd party lead verification service where the passed data is checked against public/private databases (name, phone, email, etc), cross checked and scored against those rules before it is actually considered a new lead.

    Has there been any progress in creating a lead scrubber extension?

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    I wish there was a pre-sales support contact form on this site…

    I see there is premium Automation plugin https://www.inboundnow.com/automation/. But it is not clear from the page if you can “listen” to response’s from 3rd party service API (ie: data verification) or only WordPress actions.

    Can someone please clarify this?


    Hudson Atwell


    The automation component isn’t setup to be a webhook processor. So we can’ts say, listen for incoming data spontaneously arriving using automation. We also cannot, at this current moment, send data to a 3rd party and continue/abort actions based on the return data yet.

    We have not made any progress on a lead scrubbing extension.

    If you wanted to invest in a custom solution though that would expidite creation please see our outsourcing section hooked into Codeable.io. As a company we’re still too young and revenue too weak to invest in this right now.

    I’ve created a development issue here in the mean time:

    Kind regards,
    Hudson Atwell

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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